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retail stores and food establishments and the city. there also be 10ยข charge on any of the baxter given to customers. the judge denied a motion to put the ban on holes. that is a big reminder to bring your backs. signs for hope of the california economy. we talked to experts about the latest trends. >>> voters take a proposition 34. the campaign to make california when the states and nations to abolish the death penalty >>> where he kicked off his world record attempts. we'll be right back. at park we have one day for the bay area. mr. a the sunshine, finished up way too. >>> will california joined other states to limit the death penalty? is the most closely watched measures on the ballot. >>> of former prosecutor who wrote the lot back to '70s is now behind proposition 34 >>> california spend billions of dollars trying to enforce capital punishment. $4 billion. >>> so far 57 inmates have died from natural causes and 13 were executed. and we've been looking in detail at both sides of this issue. >>> we talk with the campaign manager for yes on 34. but the measure to the voters approved.
now at justin herman plaza after taking over the city doing what they do best shutting down the streets and interfering with traffic >>> the paddle and provoke the way to notoriety the leader of the street party known as critical mass celebrated 20 years by taking over san francisco on two wheels. the message from cyclists did your cart >>> ride your bike and have a good time >>> but these rights have been controversial drivers of tide to take out cyclist in redwood city one person was attacked in her car, but best known for frustrating drivers and fuelling traffic jams >>> i have to get going on the clock >>> with little or no resistance from police >>> we ask for motorists to be patient >>> officers stood guard at for was to make sure by such a bicyclist and and and stayed off but stood by as bicyclist clashed with drivers mayor willie brown tried to crush the movement to no avail san francisco's police chief has since learned a valuable lesson >>> the better way to handle it is to facilitated and keep moving >>> and that is exactly what officers did tonight there were som
once fired in a pregnant woman sprayed with shattered glass hours later a city council debate over whether to spend more money on the system that tracks gunfire. reporter mark sayers on how well shots fired shots bader really works for cash strapped oakland. just an hour before oakland safety committee began discussing expanding a crime-fighting tool called shot spotter another shooting that the technology could help to solve the pregnant woman sitting on a car was hit by flying glass in the shooting in which they had to cars and three homes shot spotter can pinpoint the shots and a lawyer nearby officers were almost instantly is it innovative gunshot system within 30 to 35 seconds. oakland police to expand shot but the network covers about half the city and police want to expand that reach to 70% by adding for sale and a portion of north oakland. >>> it is hard to believe that we if we can track it weekend predicted an african predicted we can prevent it. >>> even though shot water was first used in 2006 police say evidence that helps fight crime is mostly anecdotal but even wit
the lottery, the price could be a new place to live. john ramos on a new approach to city sponsored housing >>> the oakland housing authority began taking applications for subsidized apartments but something was missing, a line of people around the block that is because they went to new online application process >>> people don't have to stand in line with paper and bring them in that and have to do first-come first-served process >>> libraries offer help to those who don't own or understand computers at the end of the week a computer randomly selects 8000 names to go on a waiting list for cities sponsored housing, they expect 50,000 people to apply one of them robin victoria williams who has been shopping for a car >>> you're looking to buy a car for place to live? >>> yes the back seat >>> does this news means a lot to you? >>> it means a helluva lot to me >>> that is how desperate the need is you might be surprised as to what the apartments look like this one in the cinder complex features hardwood floors 2 tone paint and a view of a brand new courtyard. working with a federal grand they
to blows a scuffle between city council member and an activist david more and up with moore's arrest it happened for a candidates' debate more is a member of the progressive alliance that often is at odds with the city council. both men claimed the other punched him. >>> i felt this would get ugly i chose to walk away a turn around and walk about three persons away from mr. more, and i feel this hit from the back of my head i look around >>> and the statement to cbs 5 more road, " things that he didn't i got in his face and said mean things including calling him a bully and howard and and corky punched me in the face and try to get unbacked " more was arrested and released >>> on the hottest temperatures for 2012 on their web roberta gonzales with more >>> we warm up to 15 degrees in some neighborhoods compared to yesterday we have a heat watch in effect. the yellow area. that's all areas from the coast and the bay all the way to the low one hundreds be mindful of kids and your pets. who will top off august? along the coast of a 20 degree jump from today 85 san mateo, and then the '
that the store is bringing into the city, it is also bringing close to 500 jobs for you and some stiff competition at the stores on the streets here. >> reporter: the chances are you have seen the advertisements. >> and i have seen them like, you know, in every corner of the street. >> reporter: or the high- profile endorsement and wondered what is all the buzz? >> at first they were promoting sushi. >> reporter: no, not fish, fashion. and in just four days, this construction zone will be transformed into long lines, as thousands are anticipated to wait for hours for the opening of uniclow. >> the largest retailer, but this will be a very first start of the west coast in the united states. >> reporter: it started in japan and quickly grew to be a worldwide phenomenon. >> we are a brand that is designed for everyone. regardless of your income, regardless of your investment, your ethnicity, you should be able to find something here. >> reporter: and it just recently made a flash in the states with four stores in new york and new jersey. now, san francisco. >> this really is the hot view
undergraduate education nor city for brad school. >>> the settlement is still subject to the judge's approval but if the green light today where will they get the money? as for where the money comes from it comes out of the uc itself insurance funds are all uc pays into. >>> its 41 days until the election president obama's lead is widening in several of the swing states newark * shows the president with a 10 point lead in ohio and florida he has a nine point lead and in pennsylvania the president leads by 12 points. political reporter crazily on the significance of these new numbers. is this the turning point in the election cycle? it is clear now that obama's has moved out of the margin of error in the swing state so it is now going to be much harder for ronnie to see a strategic path to victory. most voters identify the economy and jobs as the number-one issue this election year. in this poll all three swing states choosing the president as their man to lead the charge something we haven't really seen before. what it to a concern about the economy largely because ronnie has not convince pe
. bring your own bag or it will cost you. starting tomorrow, a city-wide ordinance that is banning the use of plastic bags will go into effect on all super markets. if you don't have a bag, they will be charged $0.10 for every paper bag you need. >> i think that we should pay for the damage that we're doing out there in the environment. and you know if we can just have that two-second thought of saying okay, i've got a bag that i can reuse and that's great. >> every year more than 1 million plastic bags are pulled from the bay area water ways according to the environmental group save the day. >>> gay right activists are expected to protest the insulation of the new archbishop this week. he'll take over the position this thursday. he was a key force behind prop 8 that banned gay marriage throughout the state. but the parishioners say that he will be welcomed at most holy redeemer catholic church in the district here. >> hope any, you know, by attending services here that he will see how important this church is. there are a lot of elements which will hold that position and a place like this
out there again. redwood city 54, san jose 57, as warm as we have been the entire year san francisco 87, this week and well into the '80s. marine layer hanging tough. once again tomorrow morning burning off quickly inland areas heat up today you will stay hot. high pressure will team up with low pressure will get stronger sunday, enhancing the off shore when everybody gets toasty could see temperatures in the '90s in the south bay. that is you san jose on sunday. inland areas will approach 100 degrees warmest weather we have seen so far this year coming up this weekend and monday. sunnyvale high 78, cupertino 78, walnut creek upper 80's, pittsburgh 86, we wrap up the work week high of alan neda 65. saturday 96, inland pushing 100 degrees. highs in the '70s that the coast. time for sports >>> the a's try to make it interesting in the west. washington scored >>> stanford and not lost a game all year, the winds came from its own stadium that changed in seattle. the cardinal rent 8 after the win over usc, the defense of and steps in front of a pass goes the distance for a touchdown 13-3
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9